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Old Timber Quay Demolition

Work on the Noss on Dart Marina regeneration is continuing with the removal of the old timber quay in anticipation of the reclamation of the land which will facilitate the construction of the new boatyard, Marina Reception and waterside apartments along the foreshore.

This work was completed in June with the deck section and timber piles removed, and a line of yellow marker buoys installed to mark the line not to cross in case of any underwater obstructions towards the land. The old Boatyard Office has also now been removed, but there is a section of the old timber piles kept in place for the time being to support the access ramp and bridge onto the pontoons. The access ramp and bridge will stay in position until phase 1 of the new floating marina starts. This phase is planned to start in October 2019.

Noss on Dart Marina RegenerationNoss on Dart Marina RegenerationNoss On Dart Old Timber Quay