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First Commercial Units Open For Business

5th October 2021

The construction of the first commercial building at Noss is in its final stages with the focus now being on internal fit outs and external landscaping. 

The first of our existing tenants have already moved into their new homes including Stephenson Marine (Unit 4G) Stephenson Sails & Covers (Unit 6F) and Network Yacht Brokers (Unit 5G). The Marina Reception team have also relocated temporarily to the upper level of the new building.

Works have already begun on the foundations for the new Marina Control building which will ultimately provide a new home for the Marina Reception, new showers and toilet facilities, amongst other things. This project will also see the creation of pontoons which provide access to the new fuel pontoon and the pick-up and drop off point for the Water Taxi service. 

“There is never a dull time here,” said Andy Osman CMM, General Manager of Noss. “We are overjoyed to welcome our tenants into their new facilities, many of whom have been on site at Noss for years. It’s also great to be moving into our own brand-new (albeit temporary) Marina Reception. The foundation piles for the second commercial building are now in place and should be completed next summer.”

Significant Progress at Noss on Dart

11th June 2021

Noss on Dart’s redevelopment programme continues at a pace as we get closer to completing some of the key infrastructure projects. 

The new marina which offers 232 fully serviced berths for vessels (increased from 140 berths) is near completion with hammerhead berths for vessels up to 21 metres – proving incredibly popular. Over 200 berth holders have already signed up for Noss to be their home marina. 

Teignmouth Maritime Services have now completed the work for the new boat hoist, dry stack and launch pad. They recently completed significant engineering works to secure the massive piles that will create the 75 tonne boat lifting facility. The new boatyard is due to be finished in time for winter lifting and will also provide short term storage ashore for customers and contractors to undertake maintenance work and projects.

We are also excited to announce that the first tenants will be moving into the marina’s new commercial buildings next month. Besides housing an array of marine trades and small businesses, this will also provide a new home for the South Devon College’s Marine Academy.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager, Noss on Dart Marina said “Purchasing building materials has been just one of the challenges the team have faced through the pandemic, but we are on track and continue to make steady progress. I am looking forward to finishing the construction of the new boatyard and welcoming our tenants into the new buildings so that we can get services fully open for business.”

Major Milestone Completed for New Floating Pontoon

17th April 2021

We are delighted to confirm one of the first major milestones in the development of Noss on Dart Marina is now complete.

Major Milestone Completed for New Floating Pontoon

At the end of March, the last of the new piles required to complete the new floating marina were driven into the river bed, now in place ready for the onsite contractors Walcon Marine to complete work on the final pontoons. 

General Manager, Andy Osman CMM comments: “Having the final piles now driven is a significant milestone for us to have achieved particularly over the winter period and within the parameters of our MMO licence. It is really exciting to see Premier’s vision for Noss on Dart coming to life.

“With over 100 piles driven in total, work is now progressing to install the last remaining pontoons and accompanying services, with the hope that the new marina will be fully open for business later this summer.” 

Noss on Dart’s New Boatyard takes shape

19th March 2021

Exciting times ahead as work officially starts on the development of Noss on Dart’s new fully-serviced boatyard – with the new Hoist Dock and Dry Stack launching and recovery dock now under construction.

The boatyard is a major part of the development project and the planned 75 tonne boat lifting facility will be the largest lifting capacity on the River Dart. Local contractors, Teignmouth Maritime Services are already onsite and have begun important engineering works to secure the piles that will create the boat hoist dock. Along with having the capacity to lift up to 75 tonne vessels it will provide short term storage ashore for our customers and contractors to undertake maintenance work and projects.

Alongside the new hoist dock, also under construction is a new dry stack launching and recovery dock. This dock will facilitate a new Marine Travelift forklift which will launch and recover boats from the new dry stack facility.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager at Noss on Dart Marina says: “Having the boatyard and dry-stack construction underway is a very exciting and vital stage of the whole marina development. I am looking forward to the completion of this phase and getting these services open for business.”

Progress for New Floating Marina

12th March 2021

Last month saw the installation of a new pontoon access bridge which will form part of the new access arrangements for the new marina. A major milestone in the development it is currently in a temporary position until it can be moved to its designated location.

Measuring over 25m in length and 2m wide it will make the incline at low water much more manageable for customers pushing full trolleys up the ramp after a day out on the water. 

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager comments: “We have already seen great progress on the redevelopment of Noss on Dart this year and despite some poor weather it has not delayed the works or the project timetable. The introduction of the new bridge now gives us the opportunity to finally remove the old structure which will complete the removal and demolition of the last of the old marina and bridgehead layouts. At this point, 109 new pontoon berths have been completed with work progressing by the day to get the rest of the marina completed by the spring.”

Breakthrough Progress for Noss on Dart’s New Floating Marina

9th February 2021

Construction of the new floating marina has made rapid progress, with almost all of the old metal pontoons now removed and replaced by our contractors, Walcon Marine. Additionally a new back walkway connects all of the new pontoon walkways from A to J pontoons.

A major milestone in the development of the floating marina is the instalment of electricity and water supply now connected to pontoons E, F, G and part of J, with further supplies in progress. All boats that are still afloat are now temporarily located on these new berths whilst other work progresses. Pier H is also in position and awaiting the fitting of services which are planned to take place over the next couple of weeks.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager adds: “We have already seen great progress on the redevelopment of Noss on Dart this year and despite some poor weather it has not delayed the works or the project timetable.”

Redevelopment work accelerates at Noss on Dart

9th February 2021

Noss on Dart Marina continues to be a hive of activity with the ongoing redevelopment works picking up pace.

The team from Devon Contractors are working hard to complete Phase 1 of both the new Commercial Buildings and new car park with the steel framework now up to roof level and roof sheets being fitted.

Andy Osman CMM, General Manager adds: “We are really pleased to see the commercial building start to come to life and it’s a huge relief to all the team, given the recent weather, to get the roof on and the building watertight! Despite the elements this first phase of the building works is on target to be finished by the autumn.”

Works to construct the foundations of the new decked car park have also started. Once the concrete has cured, the steel frame will be erected and begin to rise rapidly – forming six levels of parking and 195 spaces that will be available to both visitors and berth holders.

Noss on Dart’s Redevelopment – Reaching New Heights

13th January 2021

As we enter 2021 Noss on Dart continues to be a hive of activity as the team and external contractors commence the construction of the shoreside marina elements of the development.

The team from Devon Contractors are now back onsite steadily working to complete Phase 1 of the new Commercial Buildings and decked car park at Noss on Dart Marina. The new commercial building will provide a home for prospective and existing marine tenants such as South Devon Marine Academy, each with a beautiful waterside outlook of the River Dart.

Contractors have also started work on the ‘site-wide services’ project, which will involve all new onsite services to be upgraded with a new electric supply, water mains, telecoms and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

This phase of the project is a major milestone in the redevelopment of the site and will involve excavating a trench which will run from the top of the site, down the hill, over the road bridge and down into the commercial development where the first of the four electricity substations will be constructed.

New Year – A New Floating Marina

12th January 2021

Following a well-earned Christmas break the Walcon Marine team are now back onsite at Noss on Dart to continue the construction of the new floating marina.

The main focus for this stage of the redevelopment works is removing the last of the old marina pontoons and replacing them with a brand new infrastructure which will include the introduction of the new H pontoon that will provide berthing for 15m and 18m vessels.

Once all of the pontoons have been replaced, the next stage of the project will involve the removal of the old marina access bridge which will be replaced with a new temporary access walkway; this walkway will run from outside the staff tea room and lead down to the new back walkway pontoon, providing clear and easy access for all berth holders, tenants and staff.

This temporary walkway arrangement will remain in place until such time as the new bridgehead has been constructed, at which point the access bridge will be moved to its designed location within the marina.

New Car Park Extension for Berth Holders

13th October 2020

As the construction works at the marina progress, we have taken steps to ensure that our berth holders and marina visitors continue to enjoy good parking provision by extending our Woodland Car Park.

This extension has opened up a new area of parking, situated as close to the heart of marina as is possible at this time, and which will remain open for the duration of the development project watch out for the new signage that identifies this new car park.

Whilst a proportion of the main marina car park will remain in use for berth holders, a small section of parking is now dedicated to accommodating the construction vehicles and equipment being used for the renewal of the floating marina.